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I'm Allison Sue.

An accidental farm girl, proud navy veteran wife, travel lover, and warm beverage drinker all year round. By day I help big idea’ers create strategic plans to turn wildest dreams into reality. By night I herd farm animals in muck boots and a messy bun. 

I founded Compass My Life after I found myself crying over a pot roast.
Not because of the pot roast, but rather, I was standing at the stove attempting to cook while tears poured down my face...

I scoured the internet for content that would bring me answers, a strategic plan, and some internal peace. 

While I found some helpful things, the hard part was putting all the pieces together. After a LOT of trial and error, I hit a rhythm that created momentum and put me on a path towards a life I feel good about.

At the time I didn't know why I was crying. Looking back, I can see how overwhelmed I was trying to figure this “life” thing out.

I looked around and realized that I wasn’t the only woman feeling lost in life and because I finally had what I felt like were helpful life navigating tools, I decided to start Compass My Life to help other women on their life journey’s too.

I was just married, a fresh graduate, and newly living in a state far away from family and friends. (Did I mention that state also had giant flying roaches that had this northern girl freaked out?) Life had become chaotic and I didn’t know how to get it back on track… I was stuck but the worst part was that I felt like my life was headed in a direction I didn’t want it to go. So after ruining a perfectly good pot roast with my tears, I decided it was time for a change. 

Places you might have seen me:

Inside of you lives a confident, bold, free soul who will do amazing things if you just give her permission to be herself. It's time to become the person you were meant to be. Are you ready?

It's time to intentionally design the lifestyle of your wildest dreams. 

Ways I Help

BLOG POSTS These long form style blog posts are packed full of personal stories, practical action steps, and a little bit of humor to help you design a life you feel good about.

SOCIAL MEDIA | Mini trainings, inspirational quotes, and everyday life things delivered to the platforms you frequent every day for easy access.

PROGRAMS  | Self paced courses full of the advice I wish someone had given me when I first started on this journey. 

MAVEN & MODERN | 1:1 laid back conversations to help you navigate the online business world and bring your ideas to life.

Embrace Your Dreams.

become the architect of your life.

Live boldy.

They say you never forget your first love, right?

Reading Books

Sipping Warm Beverages

I'm a multiple beverages kind of person. Hot coffee sounds good all year round and there's nothing like a cup of herbal tea to go with a good book at bedtime! What can I say? A gal has to stay hydrated.

Chicken Watching

You would not believe how entertaining they are. They've discovered what the cat door is for and now regularly attempt to get into the house.

Working on the Blog

It's kinda my thing now.

Spending Time With Family

I feel like this one is a little obvious but was worth mentioning.

Watching Gilmore Girl Reruns

Fall and Gilmore Girls go together like coffee and... everything (If you know, you know.)

Most days you can Find Me...


I joined my first mastermind with women who were focused on becoming their best selves. We moved back to Florida. 


We moved to Maryland. Josh resigned his commission (aka got out of the military).  I launched my signature program Finding You.

We spent Jan - July living in hotels. I founded Compass My Life. After ten months in hotels, we moved to Alabama.

That was a
       long drive


Josh got new military orders. We packed up our house and spent the last four months of the year living in hotels. I decided to start a travel blog.


Bought our first home. Josh was deployed a lot which meant I spent a lot of time alone. I used that time to discover who I was and learned to become more confident in myself.


A big year for us! I graduated, Josh commissioned into the Navy, we got married, and moved to Florida for our first duty station. It was a lot to navigate and while it was amazing, it also resulted in the infamous pot roast breakdown. I started my personal growth journey shortly after.


This year was spent head down, doing the work to finish my degree and plan my wedding.


I took the biggest step out of my comfort zone to move to China to study abroad for a semester. It gave me a confidence boost and helped me see that I could do bigger things.


Hello beaches

Lifestyle by design became our focus. We "accidentally" found and bought our dream property - a little hobby farm. Sheep were adopted, chickens were cuddled, a garden was planted, and the 50 year old farm house began renovations. I also spoke at my first women's retreat. 


Because the life I live today has everything to do with the decisions I've made in the past.

The journey that led me here

Unicorn Fire Blast went viral on socials with combined views of 21 mil+  across multiple platforms. She landed features in big news sites and we launched a merch shop for her.  During Spring. lots of cuddly little lambs were born.
Finding You got a revamp/expansion. 


I believe happiness is obtainable, internal peace is a must, and lifestyle freedom is something that is ours for the taking. 

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An accidental farm girl, proud veteran navy wife, travel lover, and a warm beverage drinker all year round. Most of my days are spent creating strategic plans to make wildest dreams a reality. 

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I'm Allison Sue

Oh Hey!

As I was creating this site, I asked myself what I would want you to know if you had scrolled this far and it came down to this: your dream life is possible. Yes, it'll take time, and work, and a whole lot of pivots, but I promise you it'll be so worth it in the end. Your dream life is YOURS for a reason. The world needs you to bring it to life. Whether that's because it'll impact many or just simply means there will be another happy person in this world - happiness is contagious... and that's something worth spreading 🥰

All my love and hope for you,

Allison Sue

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