I see you because I am you...

... You want to become the person you know in your soul you can be.

But you have no idea how to do that and frankly, the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone sounds terrifying.

It’s the dilemma of the modern day woman… You can be whoever you want to be and have anything you want in life... if only you knew what that was.

And even if you have what feels like a thousand ideas and dreams swirling around inside of you, it’s a struggle to put it into words. Knowing where to start? Pfttttt, that’s harder than leaving Target with only the things on your list (seriously though, why is that so difficult??)

If this has you nodding your head, consider this...

Why, when the world is at your feet, does it seem so hard to create a life you feel good about?

In the moments you let your imagination run wild, you can SEE yourself doing things - living a life that only a more confident and authentic you could.

That used to be me.

I would get tiny glimpses of myself living a life that was very different than my current one and my soul longed for that to be a reality.

But the idea of stepping into that felt overwhelming, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar. So I hid who I was and what I wanted deep inside.

I shrank back when the real me cried out to be heard. I traded authenticity for appearances and my joy for an emptiness I couldn't shake.

Instead, I did what I thought you were “supposed” to do…

In our souls, you and I know that we were meant for more. We want to build our most authentic selves & lives.

But knowing how to go from where you are to where you want to be, seems like something reserved for your older wiser self. As if someday you’ll just happen upon the answers you’re looking for if you wait long enough.

I’m here to tell you that the wait can end today.

You can start figuring out who you are and what you want in life right now.

I posted the #livingmybestlife poolside instagram pics but had no idea how to authentically live out, each day, what the essence of that photo was supposed to capture. Is all of it fake? Is anyone actually truly happy?

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The problem is that creating a life you feel good about feels like a fantasy rather than something you can make progress towards every day.

But heading in that direction doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.
The solution to our problems are often much simpler than we believe they will be.  I'm not saying they are easy (if you were hoping for a magic pill, check aisle five) but we often assume that because the problem feels complex, the solution will be too.

Sarcasm aside, what you're looking for: simple and practical tools for unearthing your authentic dreams and desires in life.

... and trust me when I say, all the answers you're looking for are already inside of you. A part of you knows it too - you wouldn't miss it if you haven't already experienced it.

"As someone whose core value is authenticity, I jumped at the chance to go through Allison Sue’s program. And it didn’t disappoint. What an incredible deep dive into such an important topic of self discovery. For me, knowing myself and having the courage to live that out - is everything. Allison Sue has such a relatable way delivering everything in the course that you come out feeling like you know her! It makes everything so easy to digest and action having such a great teacher and cheerleader. Thank you!"


Hey, I'm Allison!

the girl who used to hide behind books

Life navigator, personal growth encourager, and big dream liver. You'll usually find me with multiple drinks in hand, a stack of journals, and a few good books nearby (not for hiding anymore, just for reading).

Several years ago, I turned my biggest "lost in life" moment into a personal growth journey that has forever changed the path of my life.

Since then, I’ve spent almost every day acquiring skillful living wisdom to help me create the kind of real results in my life I once only dreamed of having. 

I went from being the girl who read books for the exciting stories, to stepping into my own adventures and feeling good about it too!

Now, I share what I've learned with women like you so you can do the same.

and that’s exactly why I created Finding You

and why it isn’t your run of the mill personal growth course

It works by empowering you with practical dynamic strategies to help you use the right tools and questions to uncover your life changing “ah-ha” moments.

We all have an inner compass that will lead us to our best lives. We just have to learn to read it and follow the path it takes us down.

-Charity E.

"It [Finding You] is uplifting and encouraging and can speak to you in any season of your journey."

So tell me...

Are you ready to start a self discovery journey that will take you from “I Don’t Know” to making Andra Day’s, Rise Up your theme song?


A step-by-step guide to help you figure out who you are and what you want in life so that you know where to start creating a life that is authentically your best.

Let's Kickstart Your Self Discovery Journey:

✔️ Shift from the "clueless struggle" mindset into visible progress

✔️ Unearth your authentic self

✔️ Define what your dream life looks like

✔️ Figure out where to start taking action

✔️ Learn to live true to you in your every day life

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What's Included in Finding You:

Module one

We All Start Somewhere

Here's the thing, we've all been there, that place of "stuck". In this module we're breaking down the mindset barriers that are holding you back.

These are the foundational pieces to shifting from that "clueless struggle" feeling into visible progress.

1) Ditching The Struggle

2) Moving Through Analysis Paralysis & Imposter Syndrome

3) Facing The Fear Within

4) Master Your Saboteurs

Module two

Will the Real You Please Stand Up

It’s time for you to stop shrinking back and allow your authentic self to shine through - even if it's only when you're by yourself for now.

In this module, I walk you through exercises that help you put into words who you are and what you stand for in life.

1) Unearthing Your Authentic Self

2) The Questions That Change Things

3) Establishing Your Core Values

4) The Enneagram For Self Discovery (with guest speaker & Enneagram Coach Janna Thomason)

Module three

What You Really Want In Life, Anyways

You can’t create a life you feel good about if you’re living for societal standards or even what you believe is expected of you.

That’s why in this section, you’ll put into words the details of what every area of your ideal future life looks like.

1) What You Want vs. Societal Expectations

2) Wisdom From Your Older Wiser Self

3) Creating a Joy List

4) Your Authentic Dream Life

Module four

Going From Here

By the time you arrive in this module, you’ll have all the foundational pieces of creating a life you feel good about.

The only thing left to do will be to take action.

We’ll dive into:

1) Knowing Where to Start First

2) When to Make Pivots

3) Living Authentically to You

4) Every Day Confidence

And because I occasionally like to be a little extra...

You’re Getting a Whole Bonus Module 😉

Here’s the thing, I’ve been where you are and while we’ve got all the foundational pieces covered, I know all too well the little things that we let pop up to hold us back.

Let’s just cover those bases from the start, m’kay?

Bonus 1:

Ditching Comparisonitis

We can’t help but compare our lives and ourselves to other people. It’s human nature. Freedom comes when we learn to shift our perspective on our differences and begin to leverage our individuality to celebrate who we are and what we have in life.

Bonus 2:

How to Turn Your Fear into Excitement

You’ll do all this work and feel so good about it in the privacy of your own home. BUT, the first time you go to put your new authentic self into action in public, it’s going to feel scary. I’m going to teach you some science backed solutions for beating back the fear and getting excited instead!

Bonus 3:

ensuring you don’t feel discontent with the life you build

The biggest fear I hear (& experienced) is heading down the wrong direction in life. It’s such a paralyzing fear that it can literally keep us from taking action. In this bonus lesson, we’re talking about a few perspective shifts that will help us find the gift in all our decisions and leave us with a peace of mind about our future.

Value $719

Only $147

Buckle up. We're going on a self discovery journey you won't be able (or want) to turn back from 😉

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"It really helped me to think about who I am so I can work towards my values instead of just running away from my bad habits."

-Erika G.

Experience self awareness and feel good about the course or I'll refund your money with my 14-day money back guarantee.

If you buy it and apply it without any results, simply email us at within 14 days of purchase, and we'll issue a refund.

You're protected with my 100% risk-free money back guarantee

Um... This seems too good to be true... 🤯

Yasss, queen! I’m hoping it is! Look, I’ve been there & wished someone would have offered me a course like this. So - I'm doing it for you, cause - we’re in this life together!

(plus, you’re getting a special launch price for being an OG that won’t ever happen again 😉)

Imagine this...

Imagine having a step-by-step guide to help you put into words who you are and what you want in life... finally know where to start creating a life that is authentically your best.


✔️ Unlock the words to declare who you are + what you want in life

✔️  Wake up each morning knowing that you’re making progress (baby steps 👶 👣  to the elevator totally count) toward a life you feel good about.

✔️  Harness the power of your authentic self to live in alignment with what you value

✔️  Step confidently out of hiding and in the direction of your deepest wildest dreams

✔️  Feel satisfied in your soul and proud of who you are becoming

Got Questions?

My kinda gal! I got answers.

How do I know if I'm really Becoming my Best self?

Allow me to answer a question with a question: how do you know that you're stuck?... Here's the thing, sometimes we just know or feel certain things. Personal growth is just that - personal, so your journey will look different from any one else's. However, when you can check in with yourself and see a markable difference in how you approach life, you know you're growing.  

This feels like a heavy topic... I'm not sure I'm ready to dive into it

I get that completely. Anytime we start to peer into our own soul (internal desires and dreams) it can feel scary. The powerful thing about doing it on purpose with intentionality is that you are in control of how far you go, how fast you walk through this, and the healing or discovery you experience. As opposed to going through life and randomly being triggered when you least expect it. Getting to the other side of a transformational place is freedom.

Is there a guarantee?

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase but I also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the Finding You course. Having said that, you experience the benefits of the work you put in. So, while there is not a guarantee I do offer a 14-day refund for purchases. If you give the exercises in Finding You an honest try and don't feel satisfied with the content, I will refund your purchase.

In the event that you have not been able to get any results from the strategies you implemented, contact us at within the first 14 days from the date you purchase FY and let us know if you would like a refund. You must include a detailed description of how you implemented the exercises and strategies and the results (or lack of) you experienced. If Finding You truly isn't helping empower you with living changing transformations, I want feedback so that I can improve the course for others.

We will not provide refunds for purchases made more than 14 days following the date of purchase. After day 14, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.

Do I get 1:1 Coaching?

Finding You is a self-study course. You will not have 1:1 access to Allison in the program. However! You are welcome to post questions on the video lessons to get direct feedback or DM Allison on Instagram!

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be emailed access to your online dashboard. This beauty includes access to the course in a way that makes it easy to come back to time and time again.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for as long as it exists. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months’ notice beforehand.

How much does the program cost?

You can lock in your spot at one payment of $147 or two payments of $77 (and you get access to the course modules + content updates for as along as the course exists) during the April 26th - May 2nd launch. After this the price goes up to $197.

I have a Question not Answered...

I gotchu! Email me at and I'll get back to you asap.

Kick "Unsure" to the Curb

Awaken your true self with Finding You - using practical dynamic strategies to unlock the answers you’ve been searching for and begin to build a future in which you love yourself & Life.

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